Bad Day For Lupus

by Bledig

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Bledig is the music of Richard Brincklow.

Bad Day For Lupus was originally inspired by the photo you see here, taken by sax player Nick Gibson after playing on the track with the same name.

Nick also played on First Love Then Confusion, Final Howl and Lunar notes.

Andrew Phillips played guitar and co-produced February and On The Road. Together with Marcus O'Dair, who appears here on double bass, he makes superb classical/ electronica crossover albums as Grasscut.

Richard Miles supplied guitar for Lunar Notes and First Love Then Confusion.

As well as supplying searing and blissful guitar on Time Management, Jimmy Faulkener has penned a series of stories to flesh out the story – which you can find in the lyrics.


released April 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Bledig Brighton, UK

Bledig is the music of pianist/ producer Richard Brincklow. Bad Day For Lupus was a Quietus track of the year for 2014. "Bad day for Lupus" has featured on Mary Anne Hobbes on 6 music and Jamie Cullum on Radio 2.
"some really fantastic music. enjoy it quite a bit, it is so lose and floaty. quite something different" Nils Frahm
"a very tuned mind at work." Fresh On The Net
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Track Name: Psychoanalysis
'...When I called, the receptionist there told me the doctor was fully booked for the afternoon and from then on after that up until a week on Friday. The line went quiet when I insisted she re-check the diary, there came a faint crackle and eventually the drained voice of the doctor himself came over the line. Apparently he was staying very late that evening and there was a window for the briefest of consultations available at 11pm at a price I am too embarrassed to share. In retrospect, it was possibly not the wisest decision he had made in his life in light of those symptoms of lunacy I had explained to him. The gulls at the tip must still be picking pieces of him out of what was left of that leather couch.'
Track Name: February (Here comes the onslaught lets Make love)
'… a neighbour from downstairs who keeps cats called by today complaining about my dog. She accused me of being cruel and suggested that if I am going out at night I should train it to not to howl so. I eventually calmed her down and apologised, agreeing with her comments and eventually inviting her in for coffee. She smelled nice as she drifted past. Things were going well and we were getting along fine, but I think it was about the time the kettle boiled and I had gone to the kitchen to fetch our drinks that she must have somehow deduced there wasn't a dog and that my fond recollections of this phantom pet were indeed fraudulent for I heard the front door latch click shut followed by the sound of desperate steps out in the hall. Now every time when I think I see her in the lobby she hurries off. I sometimes stop outside her door on my way home but cannot stay for long due to the stink kicked up by her cats. I don't think we we're destined to be with each other though, at least not in that respect.'
Track Name: Bad Day For Lupus
(Karen's story) '...I gave no notice to either my employer or landlord, self preservation had been too strong an impulse to pay attention to such small concerns. Where I have now relocated to is not something I wish to disclose if you don't mind, let us just say there isn't a sanatorium with 700 miles of the place - for that is surely where they'd try to stick me if in a moment of drunken weakness my tight lips on the matter were to be loosened. He seemed like the dream man at first; polite; caring; and… well, you can guess what else besides. But when you wake up and find not a man, but a wolf laying besides you, no matter what logic is trying to tell you otherwise, you get out girl. You get out and go as far away from whatever might have allowed that situation to have happened and you start again.'
Track Name: Time Management
'…That which I could not sell I gave away. What fragmented family who would have tried contacting me were all informed of an open ended voyage to the East. A 'spiritual awakening' being blamed. I had resigned myself to the fact I might not ever find her, but decided that if a lifetime of roaming was what awaited me, I would gladly accept this fate over the sham my life had hopelessly become. There was of course always the probability that when we met again she would not reciprocate my advances and ultimately destroy me…another fate I was quite willing to accept if even to be in her presence for those few and perfect seconds it would take. I scoured every acre where our viscious encounter had taken place and just when I was beyond despair, I found her. A young farmer's daughter with eyes that flashed like two brilliant stars.'
Track Name: First Love Then Confusion
'...Had I realised the target in which I had unwittingly made myself I would have adopted the afore mentioned ovine garment much earlier. She struck me down with the force of an artic; every one of her claws tearing into my flesh feeling like a heavenly bolt of lightning. I had fallen asleep in a disused barn on the outskirts of the neighbouring district of Propagate. The light from the Moon hung directly overhead and was yet to reach those vital inches where I lay. She who assailed me however had already undergone her change and had me somewhat at a disadvantage. Our tussle could be described as the ultimate roll in the hay if you will pardon the expression, and ultimately resulted in my own change coming about far more violently than any previous episode. Upon seeing me for what I truly was - a mate and not a meal - her eyes blazed with some look I could not wholly define and then, in an instant, she was off like the wind. My pursuit was hindered by the terrible wounds she had inflicted and eventually defeat was conceded. This was three days ago and though the wounds have begun to heal I am out of my mind, I must find her again....'
Track Name: On The Road (Grow Kill Grow)
…the papers described the killer as unpredictable and his methods displaying a similar brutality to Jack the Ripper, but perhaps without the surgical accuracy as was reported in those cases back then. The police withheld that particular detail about the consistent phase of the moon from their public statement, no doubt with the intention of setting some kind of trap on the next, but I'm way ahead of them. Now, each day before I turn, I stick a pin in the map and catch a train to whatever neighbouring city has been blindly selected. There is still quite a chill in the air and I have taken to wearing a fleece - if you'll forgive my playing up to the old idiom. If I am to be alone, then surely it is better to laugh in the face of loneliness.'
Track Name: Final Howl
'...and so, it would it appear that both her fate and my own were intrinsically twinned. For in those last moments as both the life and the curse ebbed away from me I saw what every creature in this hemisphere would undoubtably have born witness… There she was, my mistress moon, struck violently by some blind and furious titan from the stars; perhaps a shard of some long since collapsed moon from some other place, some other time, and together, as they blazed into one glorious and shimmering light above, we passed into the ether.'
Track Name: lunar Notes
'...would that it were even possible there was extra capacity for my senses to be heightened, but the season of spring has proved to have a most potent effect upon me. As the pigeons out on the fire escape - with their bobbing necks and puffed out chests act out a ritual older than the human race itself, so too has my own need to find a mate become quite essential. I can feel the very blood throbbing within my brain and a strange parched taste has developed at the back of my throat which regardless of however much water I take is beyond quenching. For only the shortest of time I had starting going out with a girl who passed me by in the street the other week. These heightened senses which I speak of detected a quickening in her pulse, and where normally I would walk on oblivious to whatever might be happening at the chemical level, this time I about turned and gave chase. It wasn't to last though, for although we did hit it off, I awoke the other morning to find her vanished. Now the number she gave me doesn't connect and those routes I have lingered upon in the hope of bumping into her again are just streams filled with fleshy automatons. It's hard to move on but then another chance encounter with the cat lady downstairs has at least quelled some of those impulses which demand to be satisfied.'